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Meridian Entertainment Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013. With its broad talent resources, innovative business arrangements, leading position in the industry, and distinctive professional capacity, Meridian has rapidly become one of the most preeminent cutting edge entertainment enterprises in China. Meridian has financed and produced domestic box-office hits including Mojin- The Lost Legend, Running Man, Mission Milano, and Cherry Returns, grossing over 2.4 billion RMB in box office revenue.
In 2015, Meridian entered an exclusive first look deal and strategic partnership with the award-winning filmmaker James Schamus. Meridian has also established partnerships with some talented Chinese filmmakers such as the producer Matthew Tang, director Jing Wang and Elsa Yang, setting multiple projects in motion for development.
In 2016, Meridian partnered with FremantleMedia North America and oversees Random House Studio’s theatrical slate.
In early 2017, Meridian and Blumhouse Productions, headed by the veteran producer Jason Blum,announced a partnership and a multiple-year and multiple-pictures financing agreement in order to finance and create films of exceedingly excellent quality for the world market.
Through its domestic and international business partnerships and strategies, Meridian has made significant strides in fields such as film and television development, production, financing, marketing and distribution. Meridian has become a fierce competitor, and has positioned itself as a top international company with whole-industrial chain layout including production, distribution, and theatre chains and talent agency.